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About Angel Guardians Funeral Home – burial and repatriation services

Angel Guardians Funeral Home provide funeral, burial and repatriation services in Paphos, Cyprus.


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Angel Guardians were delighted to be involved in PAWS inaugural ‘Raft Race’ at the Bonamare Beach in Timi on Saturday 20th September 2014. Paphos International Sailing Club very kindly provided the safety boat and flotation jackets for the event. In the first race, the 4 rafts raced against each other with the last to finish being eliminated. Unfortunately, it was our Angel Guardians team that came last even though we were the only boat to have a sail on board.

The eventual winner was the ‘Bertie Basset’ raft (crewed by Simon and Matt) beat the ‘Titanic’ which was crewed by Brian and Darren. Rachel and Trevor of ‘Meerkat Music’ provided the entertainment and everyone enjoyed the Bonamare BBQ after the presentation of trophies. PAWS thanked everyone who took part, and to all who sponsored a raft and to all who came to support the event and to the PAWS volunteers who worked hard and contributed to the success of the day.

As a result everyone raised over €1,000 for the benefit of the dogs at PAWS.  See some pictures below of our raft fun day out.




newsPlease find below articles that we have had published in the various local newspapers and magazines.  There is some invaluable information here that has been in the press over the last few years.


The Angel Guardians Funeral Home flowchart…..


We at ANGEL GUARDIANS FUNERAL HOME are here to help the bereaved family and friends at this sad time. We devised this invaluable flow chart explains the procedures when a loved one passes away, either at home, hospital or a clinic.


Certainly there may be a slight variation to what is shown, however, it all depends on the individual circumstances. The main thing is DO NOT PANIC or SIGN ANYTHING you do not understand. Some funeral homes suddenly appear or telephone to offer their services immediately and urge the bereaved family to sign various documents whilst not fully explaining the content. This I feel is an inappropriate way to liaise with a bereaved family.


We at ANGEL GUARDIANS FUNERAL HOME are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you through this most difficult time. We will ensure everything is carried out to the family’s wishes. We are here to make the process as uncomplicated as possible. With you and your family we will discuss the arrangements, complete the necessary paperwork and arrange the funeral on your behalf either for burial in Cyprus or repatriation to your home country for burial or cremation   We understand you have just lost a loved one, you are not necessarily thinking straight and will be there to hold your hand and guide you through each step of the way.

Click on the download button for Angel Guardians Flowchart                       Download

Enough is enough!! Even corruption doesn’t end at death


Okay, we know this may happen in other countries also but never as bad as here in Cyprus, unfortunately  when someone dies (even before they die) brown envelopes are passing to enable funeral homes to obtain the business, this ranges from ambulance drivers, nurses, doctors (not just the hospitals), clergy reps,  retirement homes ….. the list is endless. WHAT  HAPPENED TO THE OLD FASHIONED ……. They do a good job and are professional.  Give a list out of funeral directors and let the bereaved family make a choice of their own, when THEY are ready.

Once again, I have been contacted by a family asking where is my husband/father/wife etc. When is this going to end, so much so I end up calling the High Commission to enquire, only to find a funeral home has taken the deceased without permission ….. AGAIN.  Most occasions the family end up with that funeral home because they do not want any further distress (the other funeral home will not give out the deceased without money …they have paid someone and want at least that money back) but it SHOULDN’T HAPPEN. There is NO NEED to sign anything at a hospital FULL STOP.  (Unless you have given a statement to a policeman but that is usually done either at home or the police station).

Always comes the question, why do they get away with it! Well on numerous occasions we and other funeral homes (not just Pafos) have been up to see the new Chairman of the hospital and says bring me proof, there is lots of proof but now he won’t see any of us at this time, he says what can I do about them fighting over who gets the business at the mortuary or ambulance chasing….EXCUSE ME you are the head of the Hospital …. you chase them off the premises unless they have a signed authorisation form for collection. Again they have been known to lock people in their offices until they have signed, is this what kind of business you want to conduct one of the most difficult times of your life?’

The reason we are putting this in the paper is to bring it to people’s attention, normally a family goes through this a few times in their lifetime, you want to ensure you can be led through it with as little stress as possible which in turn lets you go through the stages that come normally.

If anyone has any complaints about the hospital/funeral homes/general staff please write to both the Chairman of the hospital and also the High Commission of your country even Cyprus!

We as a funeral home have repeatedly asked to be put on the list of Instructions for Corpus Delivery with the Ministry of Health and as yet has not been done, albeit we are the only funeral home in Pafos with a licence!!!!

Paphos Post Article


Here at Guardian Angels it is our aim to have a respectful and as much as possible, stress free service for the family and friends. Funerals are difficult enough without worrying about how the service will be, as we know in Cyprus they are not all the way we would expect.

Over the years I thought, I didn’t like Cypriot funerals, and I was happy when customers took out pre paid funeral plans (Trust funds in the UK) I knew that way they would actually receive a professional service as to what they are accustomed to although there were still some things we wouldn’t normally accept however, we made our choice to live in Cyprus because of some of their wonderful customs and friendliness. Since opening our funeral home I realised it was the way that some funeral directors conducted the service and not the actual Cypriot funeral, we are not used to attendance staff standing smoking next to the ‘hearse’ or graveside, the plot not being the right size and the transportation which could be anything from a pickup truck to an old converted limousine

Since opening our newly founded company which has 4 directors, 2 Scottish and 2 Cypriots we have conducted quite a few funerals, when the family personally ask something of you, you feel obliged to carry those instructions out and that is what a funeral is all about, as a colleague said a funeral  is not for the deceased, it is for the living and after attending funerals certainly it is lovely when family come up and thank us, then you know you have provided an excellent service. I personally think attention to detail and treat all funerals as though they were my own family or friends.

My personal ambition is to have the crematorium built (working last 3 years to obtain permission),  we are the only country in the EU not to be granted a licence, even though the Greek Orthodox church have said they have no objections, they know we are not here to upset their religion, it is just giving all inhabitants of the island the choice. After the holidays hopefully we may find out more information.

Due to the percentage of ex pats on the island we thought it would benefit us to be members of the NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors) and we can work with Funeral Directors in the UK again with repatriation ensuring we can remove more of the stress for families and friends left behind. We actually have had a couple of Funeral directors from the UK popping in and they love the place, if they ever want a busman’s holiday this is where they will come.

Please call should you wish to come in and have a look around we are a friendly bunch and have tea, coffee, juice or water and a chat. Natalie on reception speaks fluently in Greek and English.

We will in the near future be offering other services so please watch this space, if there is anything you think ohhh maybe they ?? just call and ask.

Here is to September and hopefully a drop in the temperature and no doubt we will be complaining in a few months it is too cold!!

Thank you for reading my article I hope you have found it interesting.

Maureen Watt

4th Year Magazine, Newspaper article


Now we are into the cooler season and what a difference a few degrees make!

We are happy to now be in our 4th year of business and since May 2011 we are still learning, still looking for new avenues especially with new cemeteries and of course the want and NEED for a crematorium.

Many families have asked what happens now that Pafos Metropolitan cemetery is 99% full, good question. The Municipality has been aware of the pending closure for 3 years at that cemetery and still are awaiting a licence for a new one!!!! Hopefully next month we will have further information.

We have to say it is such an honour and privilege to carry out funereal services island wide, many many times when you speak to families you wished you knew the person when they had been alive.  I always say to my daughters and the younger generation ……. People aren’t born OLD ……take the time out to listen to what they say and what they have achieved in their lifetime as it is very very interesting!

Fortunately we have umpteen island residents coming in for our wish lists or pre paid funeral plans and we get to know these people and although when a person passes away yes it is sad but lovely to have been able to get to know them even for just a while. Knowing that you are carrying out the service that they wanted and asked for is important.

Again, this year we had requests to give presentations for clubs, associations and groups which we go through step by step stages for when someone passes away, also information for costs for individual village cemeteries and repatriation.  Also, the wish list which is FREE to register with us, again with all that is relevant to YOU as an individual. Pre paid funeral plans again are bespoke to YOUR wishes, with/without church, graveside service only, or as requested just bury me in the ground with no one there and they can celebrate my life in a TAVERNA.  It’s your CHOICE. Flowers/Donations/Music the most important thing is they get people talking and again that is our aim, so your loved ones/neigbours are aware!

Christmas will be here too soon as usual, remember your neighbours or friends who have lost a loved one and let them know they are in your thoughts, I know they would appreciate that.

If anyone wishes a consultation or just a chat, please just call us and we will either come out and see you or come down to the funeral home and have a cuppa.

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, life is too short, love and be loved.  A smile costs nothing but it will brighten up someone’s day.


Dying art (or is it funerals)?


Here in Cyprus we love the way of life (well most of us), but with bereavement on losing a loved one, some would say there is an art of dying, however, I personally  think there should be an art of an actual funeral, to be fair it is certainly for the living who are left behind.

Since opening our funeral home in Paphos I have provided the service for several Cypriot funerals, which actually the service with the Greek Orthodox Church is a very in depth loving ceremony. What I have realised is it was the funeral directors attitude to the deceased and family I did not like, certainly there are some on the island that provide an excellent service and some who do not.  When a person passes away there are some ‘businesses’ who are there before you know it and all we tend to say is “Oh yes …….thank you”. Please stop, think and check them out. The churches are always there to help as is any reputable Funeral Home …just a call away.

As many of you know, I started out with pre paid funeral plans as a consultant, which I am still doing with Golden Leaves, and I love what I do, mainly because I personally have lost family members and I can empathise with the grief, anger, ifs and buts even when you knew the person was ill, there are so many emotions you go through, although when in your original home country it is still difficult it can be 10 times harder to cope with here, frustration, language, probate, finances, family abroad and NO cremation as yet, it can really put an extra strain on the family. The plans certainly give people peace of mind.

When someone has passed you have to provide the police with the passport usually, especially if it is a sudden death, please note …….go and do this just now…..take a copy of your passport. When it comes to probate a copy is a must and sometimes passports and paperwork can be misfiled and not found for a long while, so this is quite important….. Don’t you think? It’s a just in case note!  Also the ID card/Residents permit is required for the registration and funeral.

With most of the cemeteries filling to capacity why do we still not have the crematorium in place, as yet it is the government who we are at the mercy of. Sega sega …but one day it will be here! Plots are more expensive now especially should you wish it to be permanent one, even the death certificate has gone up to 85 cents (still cheaper than the UK one though).

Hopefully I can come up and give a talk to everyone, I am sure there are lots of questions you may have and being British I certainly will do my utmost to help and if I don’t know the actual answer I will find out for you. There is a lot more I could write but I think this is enough for the moment.

Here is to keeping cooler this summer, but I think the humidity will be as bad as last year, so remember to drink lots ………water that is!!

Thank you

Maureen Watt

End of 2013 Article


Coming to the end of 2013, where has the year gone? Unfortunately we have had friends that have passed away this year, so like everyone we will be raising a glass to who is not with us and thinking of the families especially that will be going through their first Christmas, New Year without their loved one.

The cost of funerals, we are trying to keep down, as mentioned before we are looking for alternatives to wooden coffins and I definitely think next year we may be on our way to providing an alternative.  Many families put aside savings, many take out their wish list and also there is the pre paid plans, which with us has been accepted very well, especially when the plan has come to be used. Families here and abroad have said how much easier it has been working with us, as we take away all the what, how, where and when.

In either the funeral home or your home we can discuss what your wishes are and bespoke every funeral  to your personal needs, whether it be a burial in Cyprus (what plots are available), which minister, church (if requested) or humanist there is a lot to think about and of course the costs. People just come in and ask me WHAT IF … as they have no idea what to do.  I can advise and hopefully they will not need our services for a long time. But they have the reassurance there is a British Funeral Director here and in turn leads to peace of mind instead of panicking which happens when not informed properly.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, and to families we have carried out a service for whether burial in Cyprus or Repatriation  our thoughts will be with you.

Maureen Watt and my colleagues.

Angel Guardians Funeral Home

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