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plan ahead1We have a variety of options to arrange and pay for a funeral in advance, over a period of time if you wish.

The death of a loved one or relative is always a traumatic and distressing experience for those that have been bereaved.

To help ease their burden, at such an emotional time, you may want to consider a pre-arranged, pre-paid, funeral plan.  Investing in a plan will help ease the worry about meeting the costs of the funeral and the arrangements.

Payments into a scheme can be spread over a number of months or can be paid for with a one off installment.




Golden Leaves Funeral Plans, of which we are members, provide a wide and comprehensive range of pre-paid schemes.

One of our highly trained staff will be happy to discuss your personal requirements and make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf.



 Funeral Plans FAQ


Is it really necessary to pre-plan my funeral?

For expats living overseas, we believe it’s essential. The combination of strict regulations, an incredibly fast funeral process, red tape and the language barrier means that pre-planning is certainly the only way to ensure your family is spared the considerable distress of organising everything when the time comes.


Do I need to have a medical?

No. With a Golden Leaves plan there are no medicals or personal questions to answer. Anyone can take out a plan at any age and acceptance is guaranteed. You can even take a plan out for another member of your family, your spouse for example.


What if I want my body to be brought back to the UK?

Most expats choose a plan that assumes their funeral will take place in Cyprus. But if you’d prefer for your body to be repatriated and to have a funeral on your home soil, we have a funeral plan specially designed to facilitate this.
(And if you’re in the UK when you pass away, your plan covers you there, too.)


Will there be any additional costs at the time of the funeral?

Golden Leaves guarantees 100% of the costs of the arrangements specified in your Funeral Plan. There are no additional hidden extras or additonal administration charges for your family to deal with when the time comes.


Do I need a new will?

If you’re living overseas it’s important to get one that is compatible with the local legal system. The inheritance system is often different to the one in the UK and without the correct advice you may have incompatible English and overseas wills or create delays and complicated probate issues when you die. Golden Leaves can put you in touch with our local experts to help you draft a suitable will.


What happens if I die on holiday?

We recommend that you check your travel insurance covers repatriation. If it doesn’t, we can advise your dependants how to use the Plan’s funds to contribute towards the cost of a local funeral or the cost of repatriation.


Can I cancel the plan?

Yes. In contrast to an insurance policy, for example, you can cancel your Golden Leaves Plan at any time and get a refund for a significant portion of your purchase price.


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