To Angel Guardians Funeral Home, Kato Paphos, Cyprus.  We are on hand for advice to everyone on and off the island.  BURIAL or REPATRIATION – ISLAND WIDE/WORLD WIDE.  Our professional staff ave available to answer most questions and give guidance to you and your family to alleviate any doubts or uncertainty during your time of bereavement.  Please take time to view our website or contact us for more information on what we can offer you.




About Us

When you lose a family member it’s comforting to know there is someone you can trust, to turn to for support.  We have established our reputation by providing exceptional service at affordable cost and we believe our attention to detail and pers… Read More



Every funeral is different and these considerations are by no means exhaustive. It will help if you give some thought to the options open to you and discuss these with members of the family prior to making the funeral arrangements. Read More

Plan Ahead



Most of us, as we get older, expect to provide the money to meet our funeral expenses. We’re not morbid, it’s to do with independence, responsibility and leaving everything in order for our relatives and friends. Read More


Grief & Healing


Grief is a normal response to loss. It can be painful, time consuming and exhausting and people react to it in different ways.  Shock, anger, disbelief, guilt, regret, numbness and loneliness are some emotions that most people feel.  Read More